Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Noida Killings - Are we in the same world?

This morning during our customary phone call, my mother asked if I had read about the Noida massacre. I used to read the news on quite regularly, until it began to get boring with news of politics. She gave me an outline of what had happened, and I got interested and decided to catch up. Since I had the time, and I was intrigued and disturbed by the numbers on the headlines, I decided to read the entire time line on If you dont know what I am talking about check out this.
Two men, abused and killed so many women and children! If that was not hard enough to digest, the police took this long to find out what was going on, when 30 something children had disappeared within a 100 m of this place?? Everyone knows - politicians are selfish, they only care about power, bureaucrats are well bureaucrats, the police are corrupt, inefficient.. but I wouldn't imagine they could let matters get to this!
In a place of that size, if so many people just went missing, which policeman in his right sense could sit easy? Its their job to investigate and make arrests. Its their job to protect the public. I cant believe a policeman can be so judgemental as to dismiss complaints saying "Your daughter must have eloped with someone". How can they make those statement to the poor parent without even investigating the matter. They refused to file FIRs? Why are these people being paid salaries and allowances and pensions - to make those assumptions?
The bureaucrats didnt bother. Some of them wrote to the police, some of them said they would do something, some of them didnt respond. Well, they only work if the politicians put them on a hot seat.
Politicians are so selfish - to them all these missing people are just numbers. Numbers that dont matter to the number of votes. What are the citizens of India - they are mere numbers to them. Some are numbers that will vote, that can be made to vote, that can be bought to vote, that can be brainwashed to vote, that can be aligned with a religion, that can be aligned with a caste! Well, the people in that Noida village came under the "Dont matter" numbers. They were migrants, who didnt have a vote in the place that they lived in. So what if they were also people? So what if they also had children? So what if they were poor? So what if they were worried about one of their family not showing up at the end of the day? They didnt have a vote!
I can only pity the state of affairs in the country. The system has got so corrupt and inefficient that when an attrocity of this nature is exposed, one can but wonder, if we indeed live in the same world!

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