Monday, November 06, 2006

So much for Regular Blogging..

I really thought when I started that I would be a regular blogger, but now I do notice I only blog at each festival. I really wanted to do a post for diwali and one for halloween, but I've already fallen behind.. Got to combine the two into one now!
Diwali 2006
Well.. How much can you enjoy diwali without being in India (sob! sob!).. To start with, more than a week before diwali, I started making the sweets and karams associated with it. I got really adventurous and decided to make kodavalai(bangalore side snack). I really thought it would be simple - but wow! was i mistaken! went through a lot of trouble to make it - it tasted ok that night. By next morning - it was a sob story - rubbery on the outside, soft in the center. So learnt a lesson there and decided to take a risk with the "american" version badusha. Fortunately, it turned out well (though it seemed to me to be a cross between gulab jamun and badusha). Then, Fatima came over one day to help me make 2 more dishes - Thenguzhal and Coconut barfi (which my mom insisted that I make because it was very simple). Thenguzhal which normally comes out well - started going put-put (quite the sound of my dad's old lamberetta backfiring) in the oil. The burfi for which my mom had emailed a recipe - totally got screwed up because of me misunderstanding my mother's ratios in the recipe. So quite disappointingly, none of it was really impressive.
New clothes for the 3 of us - Smrithi was in a pair of jeans, pink t-shirt and a denim jacket. We also went to the Aurora temple which was extremely crowded.

And that was Diwali!

Halloween 2006
Next came Halloween.. I had nothing much to do, but dress up Smrithi in her cute little pumpkin outfit. I have to admit, I was a lit apprehensive about whether she would feel comfortable in it, but she seemed to be quite happy in it. Sandra and Fatima were also with us. Sandra was in a fairy costume. So Fatima and I packed them up and took them "Trick or Treat"ing.. Smrithi seemed to enjoy it, and needless to say I enjoyed the complements she got..