Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bible College and Me!

If someone who knew me really well, typed out this URL (, they would fearfully quit the site worrying that they may have got a virus on their system. Because what you see on that website is "SO NOT ME"! Well, in case you haven't noticed, the URL above is wrongly spelt - just missed out an 's'.

What happened the other day was that I sent this link with the typo to my friend and asked him to check out my blog. He got back to me saying he read all about Bible college online and that Jesus loves me and stuff. I clicked the link I had sent him and saw the same. Here's what we saw!

So, I immediately tried to log in to, to check out what had happened. Server was down! Tried to go and take a look at on which my previous article was based and all I saw was an XML file in a browser. I was really convinced, that there had been some huge virus attack which had probably attacked all those servers on the Internet. I called my husband at work and asked him to go look at my blog. I tried to see if my friends' blogs had been changed as well. Surprisingly they were all normal! So I tried logging into and then clicked my blog address from my profile. Worked fine! I was really surprised by that time, and that's when I realized I had misspelled the blog address in my browser.

Apparently my elementary school teachers had a reason to frown upon spelling mistakes!

Appreciate any comments on what your blog addresses if misspelled could take you to.

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