Monday, October 01, 2007

Gandhi Jayanthi Specials

Mahatma Gandhi will be remembered if you decide not to watch any TV i.e. There seems to be a relationship of 'You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours' between the so called 'stars' of Kollywood and the Sun TV. At the drop of a hat, Sun TV thinks it is expected to come up with a list of 'sirappu nigazhchigal'. 95% of the Sirappu Nigazhigal consists of interviews with film actors, actresses, music directors and choreographers most of whom I havent heard of before. But then I probably do not constitute the typical viewer that Sun TV churns out programmes for. Sirappu Nigazhchigal for everything including Gandhi Jayanthi - and the only mention of Gandhi in the 5-10 minute long advertisement for the day's programmes is for a half hour special about the Mahathma followed soon after by an interview with Vijay Kumar - of course one would think of Gandhi when they saw his interview and heard his views about acting with super star Rajni and some Tom, Dick and Harry.
Atleast dont call it sirappu nigachigal for Gandhi Jayanthi!

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Latha said...

I totally do agree with you. The significance of any festival dies when the TV is turned on.