Saturday, September 09, 2006

Finally.. my own blog!

Having pondered on the idea of creating a blog for a very long time, I finally sit down to doing it. My only hesitation with respect to having my own blog was that I always hoped I would be able to make up my mind on dedicating my blog to a particular topic... I have often looked at financial blogs etc.. but since I still havent been able to make my mind on what my blog should be about, I decided to just go ahead and get started. My blog will therefore have whatever I feel like writing about - My musings..
The last push towards doing this however was a blog that I read recently - My friend Divya Prasad's dad's blog. I was immensely impressed by it for some reason. I realized I had got left behind in the blogging scenario - the previous generation had started blogging.. high time!!!


Erimentha said...

As I said, welcome to blogging!

Prem said...

ah ha!

so u have been working on ur blog rather than working on ur presentation!

anyway...ur blog is much more advanced than mine! mine still remains at the two lines with which i started it!

Erimentha said...

To help you along - tagged you! See my post for details.